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Dry Roses and Diary

Author Margaret Writes

The Art of Storytelling

I am a writer who specializes in writing thrilling mystery and suspense stories. As an Executive Producer of a new TV Episodic fictional drama series, currently pitching to studios and streaming platforms, 'Civil Rights Diaries', I have learned the art of creating compelling plot twists and unexpected turns, keeping audiences captivated episode after episode. I had the honor of being a student of Shonda Rhimes' Master Class on how to write for television. Currently, 20 Emmy-award winning journalist Del Walters from Scripps News is a mentor and good friend. 



The Coroner's Wife

"The Coroner's Wife" and "Mistreated," Angela draws inspiration from real-life figures like Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick, his extraordinary wife Esmeralda Hetrick, Deputy Coroner Robert Furey, 



🌟 Attention to all fans of Author Margaret Writes, domestic workers, and sports enthusiasts across the globe! 🌟

📖 Brace yourselves for an unforgettable journey with "Mistreated," a captivating collaboration between Angela Margaret Newsome, also known as Author Margaret Writes and N.B.A, WNBA music supervisor and film composer, Elijah Harvey. This powerful tale delves into the hidden realities faced by domestic workers, shedding light on their struggles. 🏠💔 🌍 Follow the gripping story of an N.B.A basketball player who cherishes his Latina housekeeper as family. Yet, while he's away for weeks on travel games, she endures unimaginable mistreatment from his wife. 💔

🌍 Join millions of sports fans, mystery, suspense addicts, and domestic workers as we come together to ignite conversations and drive change. Let's raise awareness and create a better future for all! 🔥 📖 Share this announcement with your friends, fellow sports enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a compelling narrative that challenges societal norms. Together, let's make a difference!

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Civil Rights Diaries

This immersive experience delves into the poignant personal narratives and unbridled emotions of brave activists who stood on the front lines during the pivotal Civil Rights Movement. Audiences of all ages are invited to witness the raw and gripping stories of these fictional characters, intertwining seamlessly with real breaking news accounts from the era.

Through a kaleidoscope of emotions, the series illuminates the struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices that defined a generation fighting for justice and equality. As the screen comes alive with the vivid portrayal of courageous individuals facing adversity, viewers will be transported to a time when the echoes of change reverberated through the streets.


"The Civil Rights Diaries" captures the essence of a tumultuous era, offering a profound and empathetic understanding of the human spirit during a historic struggle for civil rights. This series serves as a powerful reminder that the pursuit of equality is a journey fueled by the indomitable strength of those who dared to dream of a better world.

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