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Who is Angela Margaret Newsome?

I'm known by many names, Angela, Margaret, Margaret Writes and Angel in my Mary Kay and Auto Sales days. My full name is Angela Margaret Newsome from Washington, but the name I love most is "Mom".  I am a wife of 31 years to my wonderful life partner, Robert Michael Newsome I. Mother of 5 amazing biological children, Adrian, Antwon, Aisha, Robert II and Master.  Not to mention so many others that I am humbled to also respond when addressed as "Mom." Most importantly, I am a civil right public figure that understands the important issues that people face every day. As a mother, the civil rights news I write allows us to create a better world for all our children. 


Formerly Guest Entertainment Contributor on the Black News Channel's DC Tonight Prime News with Del Walters.  Co-Creator and Executive Producer of "Civil Rights Diaries, LLC, TV Drama Series Project based in Washington DC. Thriller/Mystery/Suspense fictional writer with Robert II (co-author) and Master, (co-author) of “Buried Secrets of the Scorned”). Currently, I have been creating blogs titled, “Thoughts For The Day,” which cover topics such as civil rights news and black history entertainment. As a black history author, I create important content to educate and raise awareness about our past, present, and future.

The CEO/Co-Founder of an award-winning Non-Profit Virginia State registered 501©-3 Organization, the RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc.,  Featured on WUSA, Fox, NBC TV, Tom Joyner Radio Show, Washington Times, and other media sources.  Inspired to write by Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Director, Mystery/Suspense Published Author of “The Race”, Del Walters. Feel free to explore my website and learn about black history entertainment and news that I have created to elevate important topics of discussion in today’s world.

A Picture of Angela Margaret Newsome in Washington

About Angela Margaret Newsome in Washington

Angela Margaret Newsome

Ceo, Philanthropist, Executive Producer

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