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About Me

At 60+, I'm fueling my journey with ambition and innovation.


My name is Angela Margaret Newsome, my writing name is Margaret Writes, a mother of 5, wife of 34 years to R. Michael Newsome.  My current projects speak volumes of my passion and determination. I'm crafting two thrilling novels - "The Coroner's Wife," drawing inspiration from the remarkable lives of Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick, his wife Esmeralda Hetrick, Deputy Coroner Dr. Robert Furey, and "Mistreated," inspired by the talented NBA, WNBA, Washington Wizards Music Supervisor, Composer, Elijah Harvey.


In addition to my literary ventures, I've made waves as a Guest Entertainment Contributor on the Black News Channel's DC Tonight Prime News. Now, at the helm of "Civil Rights Diaries, LLC, TV Drama Series Project" in Washington DC, I'm leading the charge as Co-Creator and Executive Producer, amplifying voices and shedding light on important narratives.

As the CEO/Co-Founder of The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc., our impactful initiatives have earned acclaim from major media outlets such as WUSA, Fox, NBC TV, and the Tom Joyner Radio Show. Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Director, and Author Del Walters, I'm dedicated to leaving a legacy of meaningful change and empowerment.


Unleash Your Best

CEO, Civil Rights Diaries, LLC | Margaret Writes LLC | The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc

~Angela Margaret Newsome

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